Pediatric Resident Global Health Curriculum and Pathway


Pathway Components:  
  • International Sites for Elective Rotations:  Residents have the opportunity to complete an elective rotation during their call-free month in their second and/or third year of residency
  • Faculty Mentorship:  Faculty with interest and experience in global child health support residents preparing for international electives, contribute to program development and advise residents on careers in global health.
    • Andrea Beaton, Cardiology
    • Nathalie Quion, Community Health
    • Eiman Abdulrahman, Emergency Medicine
    • Kristen Breslin, Emergency Medicine
    • Jennifer Chapman, Emergency Medicine
    • Dafina Good, Emergency Medicine
    • Melanie Anspacher, Hospitalist Medicine
    • Kathy Ferrer, Hospitalist Medicine, HIV
    • Jeremy Kern, Hospitalist Medicine
    • Lineo Thahane, Hospitalist Medicine
  • Scholarly Work 
    • Elective Experience Presentations given by residents during Resident Noon Conference, Professorial Rounds and Morning Report
    • Global health REACH projects - The REACH (Research, Education, Advocacy, and Child Health care) program provides residents with the opportunity to apply for protected time in the second and third years of training to pursue projects and activities in these areas.  Several residents have chosen to complete REACH projects in the field of global child health and have had the opportunity to present their research at local and national conferences.  Examples of completed and ongoing research:
      • Identification of Host Genetic Risk Factors in Congenital Zika Syndrome
      • A Needs Assessment of Newly Arrived Latino Immigrant Children and Their Pediatrics Providers in the Washington DC Area
      • The Impact of Echocardiographic Screening for Rheumatic Heart Disease on Patient Quality of Life in Uganda
      • Development and Evaluation of General Pediatrics Nurse Training Curriculum in Lesotho
      • Improving key newborn care practices in developing countries with Save the Children
      • Program evaluation of mobile phone-based intervention to improve maternal and child health in Ecuador
      • Use of telemedicine to link urban health centers with rural villages in India

Future Careers in Global Child Health: